Everyone needs three things to survive, and that's food, water, and shelter. Your home is an integral pillar of ones three primary necessities. Your home is your shelter, and you want to ensure that it's a safe place at all times. It shouldn't matter if you're there or not, but it is that one place on earth where you can truly unwind, feel comfortable, and recharge.

You also want to be able to trust those that you let into your home without another thought. You're allowing people to enter into your intimate, safe zone, and if they ever do anything to make it feel unsafe to you and your loved ones, it makes it hard for you to ever wholly feel as if the home you live in will ever be completely safe and secure.

You don’t need to panic and move immediately. Some things can be done to improve your security, or at the least, squash your suspicions and possible paranoia. For example, you might have a small child at home, with an around-the-clock care giver, or you have a cleaner, and you don't want to have to be home the whole time, while that cleaner comes in and cleans once a week or once a month.

You want to have people be in your home, and as you start to build out that currency of trust with them, you will feel them being a lot more comfortable when you aren't there.

Installing security and cameras everywhere

Thoughts may have crossed your mind where you wish your home had cameras and security features inside the house and outside to protect from outside intrusion. You probably should always have some form of in-home security system as this will help with the aftermath of a burglary or other incident, help reduce the crime in your neighborhood, and offer you priceless peace of mind.

But it's different when it comes to those you invite into your home. After a while, either you will let them know or notice the cameras themselves and be on the alert by default. Even if there's nothing to hide, people may act entirely differently when no one knows they're being watched versus knowing there's an audience.

In addition, as you start to build out that trust with someone, and you let them know exactly where the cameras are, they will subconsciously know where they’re being watched and where they aren’t.

So what can be done?

There are some camera options you can choose when it comes to your home. What you're really looking for, though, is a hidden camera system around the house that's out of sight and out of mind. This precaution will help provide you with the security you're looking for without those people you're watching knowing they're being watched.

Hidden cameras may seem intrusive to some in various capacities, but in reality, this is your home, your safe zone, and your property. You have every right to install hidden cameras on-site if necessary and all in the name of protection and clearing up any misunderstandings that happen in the future.

Instead of having the classic thoughts that the help or support staff was directly involved during a theft, a hidden camera in strategic locations will show the real culprit, exonerating what sometimes feels like the scapegoat. Having a hidden camera for your house simply reinforces people's trustworthiness and is all about ensuring that your loved ones and your valuables are safe even when you cannot be at home.

A hidden camera in your house is also another level of security, on the off chance a burglary occurs. For example, let's say you're on holiday and a break-in is attempted, and some of the security cameras are found because they were easy to spot, or maybe you didn't fully realize some blind spots before. A hidden camera is another layer to help catch criminals in the act and help them get caught eventually, as well as you receiving your goods back safe and sound.

What is the Best Hidden camera to get?

Hidden camera options come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are the ones that look like other regular items that would be in a household. A great option is the SPYCAMPRO™. Built to look like a standard USB charger, this hidden camera is a perfect option for the house. It not only has 1080p quality video and audio capture, it’s Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you're able to view everything from your smartphone.

The SPYCAMPRO™ plugs into any wall outlet and can even be integrated with a USB combo wholly recessed into the wall. This measure gives it a more natural look that is already part of the home while still providing that great audio and video recording.

You can also set up the system with alerts and notifications that you can receive via messages and emails in case any red flags are triggered. You might also believe that something with this level of quality and functionality will come at a high price, yet each one goes for under $150, and that's if there's no specials or sales active, where the pricing can drop down sometimes as low as $50. It can be set to run live or whenever motion is detected, meaning it only starts recording when there’s something to be seen.

There's no need to not add this extra level of security and safety into your home security system. There's minimal technical setup; simply power up the camera by plugging it in and setting it up through either iOS or Android-powered smartphones with minimal hassle.

Don't spend the energy or resources looking for an unnecessarily complicated and less discreet system. You'll feel a lot better and safer when you're able to easily check in on your home from wherever you can find Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage.